After his graduation at the ESIT translator school (Paris) in 1987, Nicolas Froeliger worked for 17 years as a translator and head of the Parisian Architexte translator company. He started teaching technical translation at Université Paris Diderot in 1992, where he went on to become an associate professor in 2003, and later a professor in translation studies since 2014. He has been head, and then co-head of the ILTS (Language industries and specialized translation: http: //formations-pro.eila.univ-paris-diderot .fr/) master’s degree, at Université Paris Diderot since 2006. After a Ph-D in American literature (on the novels of Thomas Pynchon, 1995), he directed his research toward the concrete modalities of pragmatic translation, which led him to write about forty articles and a book, Les Noces de l'analogique et du numérique – De la traduction pragmatique (Belles lettres, 2013). In 2007, he also founded the Field Grown Translation Studies (Traductologie de plein champ) conferences, whose aim is to bring together professional translators, trainers, researchers and students, on translation-releated topics of common interest (the three last installments have been organized jointly with Christian Balliu, at ISTI/Brussels, and Lance Hewson at FTI/University of Geneva). He is also co-director of the Center for Translation Studies (CET, at Institut des humanités de Paris), vice-president (and former premsident) of AFFUMT (the French association for university training in translation). In 2019, he was elected as member of the EMT (European Master’s in Translaion) board.

Panagiotis KelandriasPanagiotis Kelandrias is Professor of Economic Translation from English into Greek in the Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting (DFLTI) of the Ionian University. His research interests focus on LSP Translation, Translation Didactics, History and Sociology of Translation. Together with Professor Michael Cronin (Trinity College Dublin) and Professor Anastasia Parianou (DFLTI) they have founded and edit the international refereed journal: “MTM. Minor Translating Major-Major Translating Minor-Minor Translating Minor” Details on his academic and research activities on his personal web page.